Online Football Betting and Fallen Teams

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online football betting fans often believe that teams that are successful one year will be relatively successful the next, barring any major changes in the roster.

However, anyone who has been betting football for numerous years should know that teams can often fall very quickly after an excellent year. Recognizing this possibility is extremely important for successful online football betting because it will allow you to assess the online football betting odds without being confused by misleading handicapping factors.

Online football betting is so exciting in part because in the NFL the fates of teams change very quickly. Winning the Super Bowl one year does not even guarantee that you will reach the playoffs in the following season. When a new season begins online football betting fans tend to predict that virtually all of the teams that reached the playoffs the past season will reach the playoffs again. However, the reality is that only about half of the teams that reach the playoffs in any given year were in the playoffs the last year as well. In fact, betting football on ex-playoff teams assuming they will be successful again can sometimes be very detrimental. For example, the Jets, Ravens, and Chiefs all played in the 2007 playoffs, but they finished 2007-2008 season 4-12, 5-11, and 4-12 records respectively. Obviously, any online football betting fans who were betting football on those three prior playoff contenders suffered some painful losses against the online football betting odds in 2007-08.

Sometimes teams will fall off due to major injuries or trades. For instance, in 2007-08 the Chiefs’ star running back, Larry Johnson, missed most of the season with a foot injury, which undoubtedly hurt the team’s record. However, Baltimore and New York did not have similar excuses, illustrating that teams simply nosedive sometimes. Nevertheless, with such teams it often becomes clear to astute online football betting fans very early in the season that the teams will be achieving very little. Therefore, the most observant online football betting analysts are able to continue betting football successfully by recognizing the changing potentials of different teams. On the other hand, those online football betting fans that remain trapped in the past, unable to believe that a playoff team from the previous year will be so abysmal in the current year, end up making very lousy decisions with regard to the online football betting odds. Consequently, it is necessary to realize that good teams can fall off very quickly so that you do not end up with an online football betting record as bad as the losing teams’ records.

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