Online American Football Betting and Time Off

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online American football betting analysts know that teams that are given time off, such as during a bye week, often perform particularly well and offer excellent online football betting value.

However, in some situations players can get rusty during their time away from the game, and this rustiness can have a particularly significant impact on online American football betting on first halves. This online football betting factor must be considered in several different situations, such as after bye weeks, before the playoffs, or when a player returns from injury.

Online American football betting after a team has a bye week tends to favor the rested team. Online football betting enthusiasts know that the extra week of rest allows players to recuperate from injuries and it gives coaches more time to plan for the upcoming online American football betting match up. However, what many online American football betting fans often overlook is that these teams frequently play poorly, particularly in the first few series of a game after a bye. Such is the case because the players are rusty and it takes them time to acclimate back to the speed of the game. Consequently, online American football betting value sometimes rests with the opposition, especially if you are considering online American football betting on the first half or the first quarter. A similar online American football betting situation exists with teams that rest their starters in the weeks before the playoffs. Every year there are numerous teams that have guaranteed their spots in the playoffs well before the regular season has ended and every year a debate erupts about whether such teams should rest their starters for the regular season’s final online football betting match ups. Many teams do choose to rest their starters in order to avoid injuries, and it is not uncommon to see these players struggling at the beginning of the playoffs. Once again, this situation presents an online American football betting opportunity to wager against the rested team.

These online American football betting circumstances also exist when a player returns from injury. Each season a huge number of players are forced to miss at least one full game because of injury. Once they are fully recuperated and back on the playing field it sometimes takes time for them to return to their full potential. When players returning from injury are rusty it can have a major impact on the online American football betting odds, especially if the player is a star. Therefore, you should always be cautious about online American football betting on teams with star players that are returning to the field after sitting out a considerable period of time.

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