Online American Football Betting After Four Games

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online American football betting naturally becomes easier as one becomes more familiar with the different teams.

All online American football betting enthusiasts know that football betting online is quite challenging in the opening weeks of a new season because so much remains unknown. By the time each team has played its first four games one can handicap online American football betting match ups with much more confidence, but even after one quarter of the season one should not feel like every team has shown its true colors.

Online American football betting fans, much like NFL coaches, tend to divide the season into four quarters. It is obviously very desirable to begin one’s season of football betting online with success in the first quarter, even though so much mystery surrounds teams at the beginning of the season. Many online American football betting fans see the first quarter of the season as a time to learn about each team. These online American football betting enthusiasts feel as though after four games one can make a fairly accurate prediction about how the rest of the season will play out. Making such predictions after just one or two weeks of online American football betting is generally seen as too rash, because there is not enough opportunity to see teams play under different conditions. However, after four online American football betting match ups each team has played at least one home game and one away game, and each team has also played both strong and weak opponents. Consequently, many gamblers feel as though their football betting online can be done with greater confidence after the first quarter of the season.

Watching the online American football betting results of four games certainly does give gamblers an opportunity to see how teams respond to different situations. Nevertheless, much can change in the NFL even after four games, so online American football betting fans should not engage in Week 5 football betting online as if each team is fully predictable. One merely has to look at the records of several teams after four weeks in the 2007-08 season to see why online American football betting fans must be skeptical about how much they know after four games. In that year the Chargers began the season with a pitiful 1-3 record before turning their season around and easily winning the AFC West with an 11-5 record; the Saints began the year 0-4 but then went 7-5 to finish off the season; and the Giants, who eventually won the Super Bowl, began the season with a 2-2 record that included a blowout by the Packers in the Meadowlands. Therefore, online American football betting enthusiasts should always expect teams to continue evolving even after four games, because those games may not accurately reflect a team’s true potential.

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