Online American Football Betting: A Good Defense

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

This online American football betting factor is especially important to consider when you bet on football in favour of team with a fairly weak quarterback.

Online American football betting is often said to be more dependent on the run than any other factor. Gamblers who bet on football, therefore, not only need to pay attention to the talents of different running backs, but also the abilities of different run defenses. The strength of a team’s run defense is a very significant online American football betting factor because it can impact the tempo of an online American football betting match up and force quarterbacks into making poor decisions.

Online American football betting analysts know how important it is for teams to control the tempo of a game. As you handicap the online American football betting odds and then bet on football it is imperative that you consider how capable each team is at dictating a game and controlling the clock. Such control is typically exercised through a rushing attack, meaning that teams with strong run defenses are able to stifle opposing teams and prevent them from dictating the game. Strong run defenses make it very challenging for teams to make numerous consecutive first downs and string together long drives. Consequently, when you bet on football the importance of run defenses should never be underestimated and a strong run defense can frequently signify value in online American football betting on the under.

Run defenses are also important for online American football betting because offenses that struggle to run often make mistakes. When a team cannot find success running the ball it forces the quarterback to earn every yard with his arm. Online American football betting veterans know that quarterbacks in these situations often force bad throws and eventually toss interceptions. In other words, when you bet on football with a team that boasts a very strong run defense you should prepare for numerous interceptions. These turnovers can greatly impact an online American football betting match up and may even determine the winner of a game.

Although an elite quarterback may be able to handle the pressure of single-handedly running his team’s offense, weak quarterbacks are the most likely to throw interceptions and make other online American football betting errors. Therefore, if you are analyzing a match up involving a strong run defense and a weak opposing quarterback then the best online American football betting value may very well lie with the team with the strong defense.

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