Odds before the NFL Draft

November 6th, 2019 NFL Football

We are just days away from the 2016 NFL Draft, and there has been so much talk amongst online betting insiders about how can the draft change the odds for all the teams in the league.  So many possibilities and so sudden unexpected changes have occurred in the draft order. Can we anticipate some true changes? Will teams see their stocks rise or fall? It all remains to be seen.

Let’s first check the Online betting odds to win Super Bowl LI for all the teams in the league:

Arizona Cardinals +1425
Atlanta Falcons +5050
Baltimore Ravens +3650
Buffalo Bills +4850
Carolina Panthers +1025
Chicago Bears +6550
Cincinnati Bengals +1925
Cleveland Browns +22500
Dallas Cowboys +2250
Denver Broncos +1325
Detroit Lions +6050
Green Bay Packers +955
Houston Texans +4250
Indianapolis Colts +2050
Jacksonville Jaguars +7550
Kansas City Chiefs +2550
Miami Dolphins +6050
Minnesota Vikings +2550
New England Patriots +755
New Orleans Saints +7250
New York Giants +3250
New York Jets +4550
Oakland Raiders +3550
Philadelphia Eagles +4150 (**)
Pittsburgh Steelers +1125
San Diego Chargers +7550
San Francisco 49ers +12500
Seattle Seahawks +955
Los Angeles Rams +6050 (*)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10500
Tennessee Titans +22000
Washington Redskins +5050

*Traded with Tennessee for the Number 1 pick
**Traded with Cleveland for the Number 2 pick
Highlighted are the first 5 picks of the draft

Once Super Bowl 50 ended, and Peyton Manning raised the Vince Lombardi trophy, the VERY early odds for next season began to appear all over the web for all online betting websites. The odds at that point seemed too far-fetched to consider, but they did held the New England Patriots as favorites. Now, as the NFL draft approaches, the Pats still are the favorite team to win it all next season, but the defending champs, with their bizarre Quarterback issues, are falling back in the odds and underdogs to pull a back-to-back, despite keeping their powerful defense intact.

The most benefited teams during the off-season moves have been the Seattle Seahawks, Bengals and Steelers as they keep good odds (according experts on betting on NFL). It is interesting to see that top two picks for the NFL Draft, Rams and Eagles, haven’t had their odds change that much. However, once the draft is done, those odds might be adjusting to their possibilities.

The 2016 rookie class has an exceptional talent pool to choose from and many of the players on this draft could potentially leave some immediate impact on the league. Depending on how both teams select, they could begin to shape and lay the foundations for a future project of successful teams. If you bet on NFL games regularly, you know that both the Eagles and Rams are in need of fresh young talent to revitalize their teams.

The Online betting on NFL season is still a long way from starting, but there are already some interesting developments in the odds front. With the recent publication of the full schedule, that feeling that Football is coming is in the air. Can you feel it?

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