Oakland hits controversy during the NFL Pre-season

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Tom Cable, Oakland Raiders head coach, is involved in an issue that is hitting the NFL preseason news rapidly.

Apparently, and according to sources, Cable got in a dispute with Randy Hanson who is one of his assistant coaches.  Although he denies the allegations, the word is that Hanson ended up at the hospital.

Last august 5th, a member of the coach staff for the Oakland Raiders, who would later be identified as assistant coach Randy Hanson for this NFL preseason, was treated at Queen of the Valley Hospital for a punch he received right to his jaw. According to Hanson, he was stroked by a non identified member of the coaching staff of his team. The police department of Napa simple filled out a routine report but there was no direct accusation of any sort.

NFL preseason reports found on the Internet indicated that Cable was the other person involved in this issue. He was the one who went fist first at Hanson jaw. Napa police confirmed though that Hanson never mentioned the name of his aggressor.

One day after telling the press that they were dealing with some internal issues and that they were just trying to resolve it, Cable denied this last Tuesday that there had been a fight during any team meeting.

“Nothing happened” said Cable among a sea of reporters harassing him to refer about the situation. He also urged them to talk about important NFL preseason matters and refrained from talking about the so called fight between him and Hanson.

NFL preseason spokesman, Greg Aiello, explained that the league is digging into the situation to clear up what really happened and to take manners in their own hands.

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