Numbers are a Factor in Superbowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds are all about the numbers. You have the millions of people around the world that are watching the game and the billions of dollars that are bet on the game. Let’s consider some of the other numbers in Superbowl betting.

Superbowl odds usually are shaded towards the favorite. That is because the public likes to wager on the better team in Superbowl betting. Super Bowl XLII was an exception to that Superbowl betting rule as the public liked the New York Giants plus the points against the New England Patriots. The public was right last year as the Giants won the Super Bowl outright.

As you consider Superbowl odds and some of the trends that are associated with them, remember that anything can happen. It is just one game and the trends can change. Remember how often the Super Bowl used to go over every season? That trend in Superbowl odds has changed as the last four Super Bowls have all gone under the total. This tells you that you should not focus too heavily on trends and stats when it comes to Superbowl odds.

Even the trend of taking the underdog on the money line in Superbowl odds has not always worked. In recent years it has looked good but overall the underdog on the money line in the Super Bowl is a losing wager long-term versus the Superbowl odds. The value is definitely not with the underdog in Superbowl odds on the money line because the sportsbooks set a much lower line than normal. They know the public will bet the underdog on the money line in the Super Bowl. What does happen with Superbowl betting is that the winner of the game usually covers the spread. If you happen to like the favorite in Superbowl odds then you are better off laying the points than laying the money.

Get ready for this year’s Superbowl odds by looking at the basic numbers. Don’t get too carried away with trends and stats. Look at the two teams and see which team has the chemistry and the ability to win versus the Superbowl odds.

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