No Use Denying It; Raiders Are New NFL Betting Favorites

October 1st, 2019 NFL Football

Few sports line betting fans expected the impending success of the Oakland Raiders. But now that the Raiders have advanced to 8-2 and earned a one-game lead in the AFC West, sportsbook fans have had no other option but to take the Raiders seriously. Behind Derek Carr’s impressive aerial assault, and an even more impressive turnover ratio, the Oakland Raiders have defied all expectations and assumptions about what it takes to be successful in the NFL. Some critics call the Raiders a fluke and suspect that they’re going to fall apart at any minute. But with Oakland winning every week regardless of who they’re facing, the Raiders are becoming a fan favorite for football betting lines.

In Week 12, the Oakland Raiders will have to face off against the Carolina Panthers. Last season the Panthers were an unstoppable force during the regular season, but in 2016 Carolina are looking more like housecats than panthers. Oakland only has 2 losses this season and both of them have come at home; can the Panthers extend that to 3?

NFL Odds – Week 12 – Sunday, November 27th

Oakland Raiders -3 (-120) 49 (-110) -170
Carolina Panthers +3 (EV) 49 (-110) +150

It looks like the football betting lines are predicting that the Raiders will be extending their 4-game win streak this Sunday, instead of tacking on another home loss. But to be fair, it’s very hard to imagine the Panthers actually upsetting Oakland this Sunday with the type of football they have been playing. Last season, it seemed like Cam Newton could do no wrong and each week the highlight reels were filled with Newton tossing bombs down the field. This year, Newton has struggled to gain an 80.9 passer rating and has zero chance of repeating as the league MVP. Thanks to a complete turnaround at the quarterback position, the Panthers have the 20th worst passing offense in the NFL, which won’t be nearly enough to beat Oakland and their 5th highest scoring offense.

Another factor that should spell defeat for Carolina this Sunday is turnovers. Heading into this game the Panthers have a -5 turnover ratio, while the Raiders will come into this contest with a +10 ratio. Since the Raiders have such a high scoring offense, and the Panthers offense being as inefficient as they are, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Carolina commit various turnovers after an early Oakland lead. With a 3-point spread, the football betting lines are predicting a rather tight contest. But if you take a good hard look at both of these teams, it’s hard to not imagine the Raiders easily surpassing the Panthers. Oakland had no problem beating the Broncos, the Texans, and the Ravens; what chance does Carolina stand?

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