No Second Game in London NFL Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds will not have a second game from London, England next season.

It had been rumored that the NFL was looking at a second game in Britain for next NFL lines season but that is not going to happen.

NFL betting odds will still have one game from England next season.  NFL lines will have the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos meeting on October 31st at Wembley Stadium. It will be the fourth straight season that NFL betting odds have seen a regular season game played in England. The NFL really wanted to have a second game in England but with a potential lockout on the horizon they didn’t want to do it right now. "Playing one game in the UK is a significant investment. Playing a second game in the UK is an even bigger investment," the NFL said. "Our ambition to bring a second game to the UK is as strong as ever. Once the current uncertainty is resolved, we will be in a strong position to bring multiple games to our UK fan base."

The NFL has had a lot of success with the games in England.  The first game in NFL betting odds for a regular season game in England had the New York Giants beating the Miami Dolphins 13-10. The Giants went on to win the Super Bowl that season. Last year it was New Orleans beating San Diego 37-32 while this season in NFL betting odds it was the New England Patriots routing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35-7.

There are some other sites being looked at for the NFL to hold games outside of the United States including Glasgow, Scotland. The NFL would really love to expand to England but there is no question that it will not happen until after the NFL and the players get a new collective bargaining agreement.  The NFL is already preparing for a potential lockout after next season as NFL lines indicate.  That potential lockout is one of the main reasons the NFL is not going to hold a second game in England next NFL betting odds season.

The game between San Francisco and Denver should be interesting next season from Wembley since both teams have improved recently in NFL betting odds.  The 49ers and Broncos are both considered contenders to make the playoffs next year and impact NFL lines.

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