NFL Odds: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans

December 13th, 2011 NFL Football

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be facing the Tennessee Titans in a heated battle in the South. Most people will say that this game will be one of the more exciting games of the week and it’s simply because both teams are looking to really make a final run for the playoffs before it is too late. Though many analysts say that these teams are essentially out of the playoff hunt, both head coaches would beg to differ. The Bucs are currently in 3rd place in the NFC South and the Titans are in 2nd place in the AFC South. Check the sports betting odds for the Tennessee Titans.

Both teams have been having average seasons but the Titans are currently on a little slump as they just lost to the Atlanta Falcons. The Bucs however are going through worse times as they have lost 4 straight games and are looking to finally turn this season around. The Bucs schedule has been very intense as of late and this game will make it somewhat easier for the team from Tampa Bay to finally get a win but the Titans will certainly still give a valiant effort. Though both teams are having trouble this season, it will really just come down to the players from both teams. Start your NFL Betting action on Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans.


The Titans will solely look at ex-Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck to really help drive the Titans down the field and to grab a win. The Bucs on the other hand are hoping that the team can really work together to help Raheem Morris’ job as the head coach. Both teams are going into this game with a lot of intensity and this will be a great game to watch this Sunday. Look to see the Titans pull this game out though the Bucs will certainly try their best to keep this a close game. Open an account and Play in the FREE $15.000 NFL Handicapping Contest every Week.

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