NFL Betting: Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons

December 13th, 2011 NFL Football

This NFC battle between the Minnesota Vikings and the Atlanta Falcons will feature two teams trying to achieve different things. The Vikings are currently trying to salvage another down year as the Falcons are focusing on being able to still get a playoff spot. Though both teams don’t necessarily have a historical background of a rivalry, both teams certainly will put on a good show. The Vikings are currently 2-8 and have been having trouble with getting any momentum going. The Falcons are also in second place and have been having an average season. Check the NFL Lines for Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons will be playing three straight home games at the Georgia Dome and this will be their last of the three and the team is hoping that this home stand will give them some momentum for the rest of the season. The Vikings lost their last game and will really focus on trying to get back to .500 by the end of the season. The Falcons are trying to chase the Saints while the Vikings are essentially out of the playoff picture. Start your NFL betting action on Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons game.

The Vikings are looking for Donovan McNabb to really carry the team to a victory as most people have written him off as a player that does not have it anymore. Though he may be past his prime, you simply cannot overlook Donovan as a legit threat in the league. The Falcons will then focus on Matt Ryan and his arm to help propel the Falcons past the Vikings and to real make a run for the playoffs. Though this game might look like a landslide victory on paper, look to see the Vikings edge out the Falcons simply because of sheer will power and the fact that they are due to win a big game. The Vikings will win by a close margin down the stretch. Open an account and Play in the FREE $15.000 NFL Handicapping Contest every Week.

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