NFL Wagering Online – Brett Favre is Back

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The soap opera surrounding Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre seems to finally be over as the future Hall of Famer has returned to the team and Minnesota’s chances of winning vs. the NFL wagering online odds have improved.

Making an NFL bet on the Vikings is going to be a lot more popular now that Favre is back.

NFL wagering online odds on Minnesota had gone up and down like a roller coaster with the Favre saga playing itself out. Now that he is back the odds should stabilize and gamblers can decide whether or not to wager on Minnesota.  The Vikings were 6-point underdogs in their regular season opener against the Saints on Thursday, September 2nd but you can look for that number to come down, probably by at least two points, perhaps more.

Favre hoopla: The hoopla surrounding Favre’s return has bordered on the ridiculous in recent weeks.  CNN was even showing Favre in a black SUV on Wednesday and they were following it to Minnesota’s training camp.  Finally gamblers who make an NFL bet can start to focus on handicapping Minnesota games instead of worrying about whether Favre would return.

This week’s game: The Vikings are at San Francisco on Sunday in preseason action and they are 3.5 point underdogs.  Don’t look for the odds to move on that game as Favre’s return doesn’t mean much for that game. Favre may not play at all and even if he does get into the game it won’t be for long.  The Vikings just recently got Percy Harvin back into camp but they are still missing Sidney Rice.  Next week is when you really want to be focused on the Vikings as it will be their third preseason game and that is when Favre will see some serious action.

Future odds:  The Vikings are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season at the SBG sportsbook. Their odds have varied from as high as 12-1 in NFL wagering online odds when it was thought Favre was retiring to 6 to 1 with him at the helm.  The current odds are at 9-1 but look for those odds to drop with the latest Favre news. Minnesota should now be among the favorites to win the NFC along with Dallas and New Orleans.

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