NFL Team Symbols

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is the most popular type of sports betting at sportsbooks and one of the reasons is that NFL teams are easily identified.

NFL team symbols are recognized by fans all over the world and that makes NFL betting very easy.

NFL betting teams’ data shows that there are 16 teams in each of the two conferences. Each conference has four divisions of four teams each which make for excellent NFL betting. The NFL team symbols in the NFC are full of history with the Bears, Packers, Vikings and Lions making up the NFC North. NFL team symbols in the NFC East have also been around a long time with the Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins and Giants. The other two divisions in the NFL have seen some changes but not for some time. NFL betting stats show that in the NFC West the four NFL team symbols are the Seahawks, Rams, Falcons and Cardinals. The NFC South is the division that has some of the newer symbols. That division has the Panthers, Saints, Buccaneers and Falcons.

The AFC is also full of tradition and history. NFL betting stats show that the AFC West has the Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos and Chargers. The AFC East has the Patriots, Dolphins, Jets and Bills. NFL betting information shows that the AFC South has some of the newer, although not that new symbols. They are the Colts, Jaguars, Titans and Texans. The Texans are the newest NFL team according to NFL betting history has they have only been playing a few years. The AFC Central has a lot of history with the Steelers, Browns, Bengals and Ravens.

NFL betting stats show that there are a total of 32 teams in the NFL and that means a full 16 games each week on the NFL betting schedule when teams do not have a bye. The NFL betting schedule runs 17 weeks since each team will have one bye week during the season. The NFL is the most popular betting sport and the easy identification of each of the teams is one of the reasons why.

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