NFL Super Bowl Odds & Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL Super Bowl odds for most people involve just looking at the side.

What you may want to also consider in addition to the side in Super Bowl odds is the total.  There are many factors to examine when betting totals at sportsbooks.

NFL Super Bowl odds will oftentimes have a total on the game that looks quite high.  The reason for this is that the public loves to bet the over and rarely will they bet a Super Bowl under the total.  As you examine the Super Bowl odds in regards to the total you want to look at defensive and offensive statistics in addition to other factors.  Will there be turnovers in the game?  Will the weather be a factor in Super Bowl odds?  Let’s examine a few factors to consider as you look at NFL Super Bowl odds.

One factor to consider when betting NFL Super Bowl odds in regards to the total is coaching philosophy. Coaches get accustomed to playing a certain way.  Some teams like Baltimore want to stress defense first.  Other teams like Indianapolis stress offense.  When Baltimore won the Super Bowl they went under 13 of their 20 games that year.  Many times you will have a coach that stresses something in particular and it really affects the NFL Super Bowl odds. You also have to consider personnel when you bet NFL Super Bowl odds.  When teams with similar philosophies or strengths and weaknesses clash, the results can definitely be expected in terms of NFL Super Bowl odds.  A team that runs the ball against a team that stops the run will probably result in few scoring chances and a low scoring game in terms of Super Bowl odds.  Conversely, a team that throws the ball against a team that can’t stop the pass will probably lead to points being scored and high NFL Super Bowl odds.

Coaches very often make their game plans around the talent on the field and try to influence the team with how they want things done.  That is why you must consider how a coach runs his team when looking at NFL Super Bowl odds.  In addition to the coaching angle you also want to keep in mind line value on the NFL Super Bowl odds board.  Most of the time sports bettors want to bet the over and that usually means you get value on the under in NFL Super Bowl odds.

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