NFL Super Bowl Futures Adjust to Wild Period of Player Movement

Super Bowl Futures Adjust to Wild Period of Player Movement

Just when you think it is over, it only gets better. To illuminate, the NFL is having its most impactful offseason since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Player movement is not just plentiful but impactful. At the beginning is the return of Tom Brady to the Buccaneers after a brief retirement. In the same way, were other big-time quarterbacks moving the NFL odds. Perhaps the biggest move was Russell Wilson taking his talents to the Broncos. Fans and gamblers were stunned that Seattle would move Wilson. Further, record-setting Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is now a Colt.

2022 Super Bowl Futures Odds and Player Moves

Date:Season Opens on September 8, 2022

2022-23 Super Bowl Championship Odds at SBG

Buffalo Bills+675
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+762
Kansas City Chiefs+925
Green Bay Packers+1025
Los Angeles Rams+1125
San Francisco 49ers+1425
Denver Broncos+1575
Los Angeles Chargers+1600
Cleveland Browns+1625
Dallas Cowboys+1625
Baltimore Ravens+2100
Cincinnati Bengals+2100
Indianapolis Colts+2375
Arizona Cardinals+2550
Tennessee Titans+2525
Miami Dolphins+3375
New England Patriots+3875
Las Vegas Raiders+4125
Minnesota Vikings+4250
New Orleans Saints+4250
Philadelphia Eagles+4625
Washington Commanders+6150
Pittsburgh Steelers+6775
All Other Teams+9000 or higher

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Matt Ryan Seen as Potential Colts Savior

Since the retirement of Andrew Luck, the Colts have been trying to find a legitimate starting quarterback. Carson Wentz was seen as the solution in 2021. However, the Colts’ flop at Jacksonville to blow a playoff spot ignited the rage of owner Jimmy Irsay. Wentz was sent to the Washington Commanders. And Matt Ryan was acquired from Atlanta. Ryan has much more online betting credibility than Wentz. And the AFC South is highly winnable.

Superman Arrives in Denver

On the whole, Seattle fans believe that the Seahawks didn’t maximize having Russell Wilson. Two Super Bowls with one win should have been more in the eyes of many. Now the Broncos will put that theory to the test. Since Peyton Manning retired, Denver has not had a credible quarterback. They do now. Following that is an AFC West that is the best division in football.

Deshaun Watson Arrives in Cleveland

Last year at this time, the Cleveland Browns were touted as a team of the future. And a big reason why was quarterback Baker Mayfield. However, Cleveland regressed badly in 2021 after a 2020 playoff season. Mayfield was seen as a man-child that lacked the maturity for long-term success. Thus, Cleveland traded for Deshaun Watson.

On the whole, Deshaun Watson is no sure thing. Keep in mind that he missed the entire 2021 season because of criminal sexual assault allegations. Those charges have been dropped. Instead, the matters will be settled in a civil court. But that doesn’t take Watson off the hook. Nor will it prevent ugly stories in the media about what actually happened. Fashion that Cleveland may wish they stuck with Mayfield before all of this is over.

Is Wentz Ready to Become a Commander?

Since missing the Eagles’ Super Bowl championship run while injured, Carson Wentz has had plenty of doubters. And last year’s flop with the NFL betting odds by Wentz and Indianapolis was seen as unforgivable. Now Wentz returns to the NFC East with its most dysfunctional franchise. Washington rates as one of the most poorly run franchises in NFL history.