NFL Steve Slaton Impact

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines on the Houston Texans could be impacted this season by their rookie running back Steve Slaton.

The Texans took the West Virginia running back in the NFL Draft, hoping he could bring some speed to the backfield. NFL betting experts believe that is exactly what will happen.

NFL betting facts show that Steve Slaton had a great career at West Virginia, rushing for 3,923 yards in three seasons. The Texans are not looking for a 1,000 yard season from Slaton this year but they do believe he can be a factor in the NFL. Steve Slaton could get some good action according to head coach Gary Kubiak "We see him as a kind of change-up kind of guy, He’s got home run ability as far as his speed. He makes a lot of big plays. There’s a place in the National Football League right now for what people describe as third-down backs, guys that can catch the ball out of the backfield, do those types of things … We just think he gives us a little bit of a speed element that we may have been missing." Kubiak said.

NFL betting stats show that new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan wants to get Slaton into the game, especially on third downs. "I think he has a chance to be a special-type player," Shanahan said, "You look at guys around the league like Kevin Faulk, a guy like Reggie Bush; guys who come in and fill a specific role on third downs." There is no doubt he could make a mark in the NFL. Steve Slaton could definitely make an impact on the NFL betting lines this season as last year he rushed for 1,051 yards at West Virginia according to NFL betting stats. He rushed for 1,744 yards and finished fourth in voting for the Heisman Trophy the previous season according to NFL betting stats. "I think the biggest adjustment (in the NFL) is knowing that everyone who is picked is the cream of the crop now," Slaton said.

NFL betting information shows that the Texans could use Slaton on offense. They have a solid quarterback in Matt Schaub and a solid running back in Ahman Green according to NFL betting information. They don’t have a breakaway threat in the backfield though and that is important in the NFL. Steve Slaton could fit that role.

NFL betting stats saw the Texans improve last season to 8-8 so if Slaton can make an impact the Texans might challenge for a playoff spot this season in the NFL. Steve Slaton is worth watching his season and he could impact the NFL betting lines.

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