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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL sports betting is the most popular of all forms of sportsbook betting as there are many different ways that a gambler can get involved in NFL betting.

There are pointspread sides, totals, parlays, teasers, money lines and even propositions in NFL betting.

NFL sports betting sides are far and away the most popular form of NFL betting at a sportsbook. This is where a gambler will take a favorite and lay points or take an underdog and plus points. For example, if the Denver Broncos are a -6 NFL sports betting favorite over the Buffalo Bills a gambler could take Denver -6 or Buffalo +6. In either case he must bet $110 for every $100 that he wants to win. As far as the NFL sports betting pointspread goes, in our Denver versus Buffalo scenario, the game, in essence, starts out with Buffalo leading 6-0 before the kickoff takes place. Those 6 points are known as the NFL sports betting pointspread. To win the bet Denver would have to win the game by more than six points. Buffalo would need to either lose the game by less than six points or win the game outright for the NFL betting gambler to win his bet on them. If the game ends with Denver winning by six points, it is called a “push” and the NFL sports betting gamblers get their money back.

Another option is over/under wagers, which are also known as totals. Betting totals at a sportsbook is when an NFL sports betting gambler wagers on whether or not the combined score between the two teams in a game will go over or under the set number posted by the NFL sports betting oddsmakers. Just as with betting sides, NFL betting gamblers must lay out $110 for every $100 that they want to win or the 11/10 equivalent.

The money line is an increasingly popular way to bet on football at a sportsbook. The money line is what is used to bet baseball and hockey and is simply when an NFL sports betting gambler lays or takes odds on a team rather than lays or takes points on an NFL sports betting pointspread. Using our Denver/Buffalo example, a gambler would lay -$300 to win $100 on Denver or lay out $100 on Buffalo to win $260. Many NFL sports betting gamblers like the money line because there is no pointspread and all they have to do is correctly pick the straight up winner.

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