NFL Season and Pro Bowl Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl betting puts the exclamation mark on each NFL season. The NFL began playing Pro Bowls at the end of the 1938 season.

On January 15, 1939, at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, California the New York Giants defeated a team of players from the NFL and two independent teams by a score of 13-10.

Pro Bowl betting has seen a lot of different action throughout the years.  From 1938 to 1942 the same format was used but in January of 1942 the game was moved from Los Angeles to New York City.  The game was not played in 1943-1950 but was revived in 1951 after the 1950 season and given the official name of “Pro Bowl.”  Pro Bowl betting has seen the game match the American vs. National from 1951-1953, Eastern vs. Western from 1954 through 1970.  After the NFL-AFL merger in 1970 the game was changed to the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl and has remained that way to this day for fans that look at Pro Bowl betting. Pro Bowl betting sees players voted into the Pro Bowl by the coaches, players and the fans. Each group’s votes count for one third.  That system has been in place since 1995.  Before that time it was the coaches and players that made the Pro Bowl selections.

Pro Bowl betting is the final chance for bettors to wager on NFL action until the next season.  The game is televised in 2008 on FOX and on NBC in 2009 for gamblers looking at Pro Bowl betting.  It used to be that Pro Bowl betting gamblers watched the game on ABC or ESPN but now the network televising the Super Bowl will also do the Pro Bowl.  Pro Bowl odds have seen the AFC hold a slight 19-18 edge with the majority of the games going over the total.  Pro Bowl odds usually have one team favored by 3 points or so and a total in the 60’s.  That total in Pro Bowl odds has risen steadily over the past decade.  It used to be that Pro Bowl odds had the total in the 40’s but those days are gone.  Teams don’t treat the Pro Bowl as very important and defense is not played with much intensity and that impacts Pro Bowl betting.

As you consider Pro Bowl betting this year you will want to look at both rosters in their entirety.  Starters rarely play more than a quarter in the Pro Bowl and it is usually the backups that decide the winning team in Pro Bowl betting.

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