NFL – Regular Season Wk 1 – Vikings at 49’ers

December 10th, 2019 NFL Football

With the 2015-16 NFL Regular season beginning on Thursday the 10th of September 2015 we also have 2 Monday night games with the one being the Vikings of Minnesota playing the 49’ers of San Francisco with the game being played at the Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California with kick-off scheduled for 10:20 PM ET and seen .

The opening SBG odds have the Vikings favored at – 2 1/2 with the Over/under at 41 ½ and -140 on ML, while the underdog 49’ers are at +2 ½ and +120 on the ML.

This season the future of the 49’ers of San Francisco is with new head coach J. Tomsula, whom was the former DL coach, as they open their 2015-16 seasons at home with starting QB C. Kaepernick.

The Vikings on the other hand start t he season with the return of RB A. Peterson and with QB T. Bridgewater, as the team hopes to improve their record of the 2014-15 seasons. If the Vikings can beat the 49’ers at home, it would be a great start for this season.

If you Bet on NFL at a sportsbook and are a Vikings fan of Minnesota, I am sure your happy to have RB A. Petersen back in the roster as a starter, a player that will try again to dominate the statistics in the NFL for RB’s. He will be the major offensive weapon for the Vikings this season.

Last season the Vikings were 27th overall averaging just 315 yards in total each game, and with RB Peterson back, they should improve immensely in the offensive statistics. Last season the QB Bridgewater had to lead the offense as he rushed for 209 yards scoring once, passed for 2,920 yards while scoring 14 TD’s. Thus it is expected that with RB Peterson back, he will take the pressure of the QB, and he will have more time to complete passes to his receiving corps. One of the prime WR targets in M. Wallace who in 2014 was with the Dolphins where he had completions for 865 yards and scored some 10TD’s for the season.

Defensively the Vikings have LB A. Barr who has a rookie was a candidate for Rookie of the Year on Defense in 12 games with his 4 sacks and some 70 tackles for the season. He teams with E. Griffen who led the team having 12 sacks in 2014, which was his career high. The two should enjoy the game with the 49’ers, a team that gave up some 53 sacks in 2014.

For the 49’ers of San Francisco fans, without a doubt your team had one of their worst seasons in 2014, as they moved from a contender for a Super Bowl into a struggling team in very little time. Then they saw their coach Harbaugh leave and OC G. Roman also left the coaching staff. Many players opted out or retired. Thus, the 49’ers are left with a roster, with a lot of question marks at all positions. The exception is at QB where C. Kaepernick is their starter. He will have receivers in A. Boldin and acquired in offseason T. Smith. Boldin lead the receivers in 2014-15 with 5 TD’s on 1,065 reception yardage, and Smith with the Ravens in 2014 scored 11 TD’s on 770 yards receiving for Baltimore.

A real question for the 49’er this season is that of their offensive line, and whether they can protect their QB from getting sacked this season. They may have to revert to more of a running game, as the Vikings seem to be vulnerable against the opponents running offenses. Their RB’s C. Hyde and R. Bush should get plenty of work this season if they can avoid injuries.

The experts are predicting that the Viking will win this late Monday night NFL game, with the Vikings 21 and the 49’ers 15 in this opening game for both teams.

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