NFL Preseason Week Odds with Ricky Williams

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

It’s been several years since running back Ricky Williams has been the topic of discussion heading into NFL preseason week odds.

After missing several years of NFL preseason odds action due to various, and often times bizarre, behavioral issues and early retirement from NFL preseason week odds action, he is back. And according to various sources with knowledge of such things the Miami Dolphins have high hopes for the former NFL rushing leader when the NFL preseason week odds are played out.

The Miami Dolphins are a rotten team, of that there is little debate and there are very low expectations as the NLF preseason week odds approach. But this season they should certainly improve on their 1-win season, although they still rank near the bottom of most NFL preseason odds lists. But if certain key players can step up, beginning in the NFL preseason week odds action –like Williams- this team could surprise a few of it’s opponents once the NFL preseason odds action begins. The team still has no QB as of yet and this will be a bit worrisome but there is still plenty of time to sort out this issue before NFL preseason week odds kick off.

Williams in particular seems well poised to have a big season and should be able to silence many of his critics in the NFL preseason week odds. According to the RB he is in the best condition of his life –which is saying quite a lot about this fitness freak- and will likely be the player in the best on the field when the NFL preseason week odds begin. He should also be well rested after not carrying the ball in two seasons, including NFL preseason week odds contests.

If the Dolphins O-line can open a few holes –as it proved it could last year for Ronnie Brown- Williams could run wild against the NFL preseason week odds defense. With Brown also there to soften up defenses, this two-headed attack of the Dolphins could be surprisingly effective in the NFL preseason week odds competition. And if that happens the rest of the offense will follow and this team has a shot a .500 season.

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