NFL Preseason odds look at the AFC East

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The New England Patriots have dominated the AFC EAST for many NFL preseason odds competitions and you don’t have to be genius to expect that this unit will once again dominate form day one of the NFL preseason week odds

This team was the NFL preseason odds favorite last year from the first game of the season and completed a prefect regular season schedule before losing in the Super Bowl. This team will excel once again, but many NFL preseason odds experts expect the rest of the division to offer a bit more resistance in the NFL preseason week odds this year.

Although supremely talented last year, many NFL preseason odds makers believe that part of the team’s success was due to a very weak conference last year. This year, beginning with the NFL preseason week odds in week one, the Pats should see a bit more challenge from rest of the AFC East. Every team has improved in this NFL preseason odds division and the Pats won’t have free ride. The former champs, if anything, have been weakened, now that rest of league has seen they can be beaten -or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking from some NFL preseason odds fans.

The Pats enter the NFL preseason odds competition with a noticeably weakened defense. This could comeback to haunt them. The New York Jets enter the NFL preseason odds with perhaps the best offensive line in the NFL preseason week odds. However, that may not be enough to get them past the Pats. The Jets also strengthened their running game but the big question as the NFL preseason odds loom, is what will happen at the QB spot.

The Jets will have to hope for decent play from their third year QB Kellen Clemens. The Miami Dolphins also enter the NFL preseason with a big question mark at the position and no one -not even the coaches- seem exciting about the team’s prospects at this spot in the NFL preseason odds.

The Buffalo Bills are at the bottom of this division and don’t seem as though they’ll be able to advance much in the NFL preseason odds ranks without some fine QB player either. Second-year combination Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch form a fine one-two punch the D remains soft and many NFL preseason odds makers don’t expect more than 4-5 wins for this squad.

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