NFL Preseason Betting Line Giants and Patriots

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting line handicapping will give gamblers of NFL preseason odds the first taste of the upcoming 2008 NFL season.

As gamblers look forward to the posting of the Week 1 NFL preseason odds, there is little doubt that the two teams that will be most directly under the microscope are the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. In fact, during Week 4 of the preseason bettors will be given the opportunity to gamble on an NFL preseason betting line involving these past Super Bowl contenders in an exciting preseason match up. Nevertheless, there will not necessarily be much value in the NFL preseason betting line of either squad throughout the preseason.

NFL preseason betting line handicapping for the Giants should not be seen as a continuation of last year’s miraculous playoff run and ultimate championship. The Giants will likely be a very competitive team once again, but they may not dominate the NFL preseason odds as much as some gamblers of the NFL preseason betting line expect. Firstly, the Giants will not be focused on winning in the preseason like they were during last year’s playoffs, so they may actually struggle against the NFL preseason betting line if it is placed too high. Secondly, because the Giants played in the Super Bowl, they have enjoyed a shorter offseason than nearly any other team in the league, meaning many players will not be eager to exert much effort in the preseason games, which will logically impact the NFL preseason betting line. Thirdly, the Giants are not a young team, so Coach Tom Coughlin will likely rest many of his veterans during the preseason, meaning the team will be depending on back ups to cover the NFL preseason betting line.

In the case of the Patriots, the scenario regarding their NFL preseason betting line analysis will be very similar to the Giants. Despite entering the season with one of the league’s most formidable rosters, there is no reason to think New England will dominate any NFL preseason betting line. The Patriots franchise is interested in one thing only, and this is a Super Bowl trophy, so the team will have no inspiration to perform well against NFL preseason odds. Patriots Coach Bill Belichick will likely approach the preseason similar to Coughlin, so a Patriots NFL preseason betting line should be handicapped similarly. However, when the Patriots meet the Giants in Week 4 of the preseason it is quite possible that the Patriots will be looking for revenge against the Giants for spoiling last year’s perfect season. Therefore, this possible motivation must be taken into consideration when handicapping that Week 4 NFL preseason betting line.

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