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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting line handicapping requires gamblers to pay close attention to the news about each team, because there is such a relatively high quantity of uncertainties surrounding NFL preseason odds.

For example, when analyzing an NFL preseason betting line you must consider just how long a coach will keep his first team players on the field. Also, because more players enter a preseason game than a regular season game, when handicapping an NFL preseason betting line you must be aware of the possible sickness and injuries of a greater number of players. One of the best ways to obtain such NFL preseason betting line information is by using local newspapers.

NFL preseason betting line handicapping information has thankfully become exponentially easier to access with the advent of the internet. Not long ago, it was very difficult for a gambler in Dallas, for example, to receive accurate, up-to-date information regarding New York Giants players. However, nowadays one simply has to connect to the internet and visit any number of possible websites, including sports sites, NFL sites, or gambling sites, to find valuable NFL preseason betting line information. Some of the most useful information for handicapping NFL preseason odds can actually be found on the pages of local newspapers, which can now also all be accessed online. Such papers will have the latest and most reliable reports about their local teams, thereby providing crucial information for an accurate evaluation of the NFL preseason betting line. By devoting just a small amount of time to reading these local stories, you can sometimes find golden nuggets of information that can greatly improve your analysis of an NFL preseason betting line.

For example, a local paper may provide some insight as to how seriously a coach is approaching an NFL preseason match up. Whether a coach is focused on winning, getting the first team prepared, preventing injuries, or testing possible back ups should have a huge impact on your handicapping of an NFL preseason betting line. Such important information for the analysis of NFL preseason odds can often be found right in local papers. The importance of such information to your handicapping of the NFL preseason betting line should not be overstated. For example, if a head coach’s statements lead you to believe he will be playing his starting quarterback for the first three quarters of an NFL preseason game, as opposed to just the first quarter, then your interpretation of the NFL preseason betting line will change dramatically. Additionally, local papers are the best source of information about players’ sicknesses and injuries, which should also impact the NFL preseason odds. In fact, for an NFL preseason betting line, even an injury to a relatively unknown second team player can be very consequential, because such players generally participate in the preseason match ups.

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