How Much Does It Matter in NFL Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting is fairly unique in that teams are not wholly focused on winning, and the NFL preseason odds reflect this fact

It is normal to encounter NFL preseason odds for a match up that would be far different if the two teams were to meet in a regular season game. Consequently, some gamblers feel as though NFL preseason betting results should be completely ignored once the regular season begins.

NFL preseason betting results definitely only provide a very limited indication of what will come in the regular season. Coaches are far more worried about testing out new players and avoiding injuries than earning victories. Consequently, even the best teams in the league may provide horrible NFL preseason betting value. As long as you handicap the NFL preseason odds with recognition that they are very different from regular season odds, then you can actually find excellent NFL preseason betting value. However, gamblers must be very cautious about using the NFL preseason betting results as an evaluation of teams’ abilities. The potential of a team in the regular season and in NFL preseason betting season are completely different, so the NFL preseason betting results should never be used as a direct predictor of the regular season.

Nevertheless, NFL preseason betting is still a time during which you can obtain valuable information. While it may be irrelevant how well a team performs against the NFL preseason odds, it will still be useful to see a team’s starters perform. Each season brings new changes, and NFL preseason betting should be exploited to learn how different personnel changes have impacted a team. Furthermore, teams with new coaches are particularly important to watch during NFL preseason betting, because new coaches often bring new systems with them, and NFL preseason betting performance can be an indication of how well a team is adapting to a new system. Furthermore, during NFL preseason betting one can often begin to judge a team’s chemistry, noting which teams look poised to handle the ups and downs of an NFL season and which teams seem ready to implode as soon as the year’s first hardships are encountered. Therefore, NFL preseason betting is very useful to gamblers, even if a team’s performance against the NFL preseason odds is not very useful information.

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