Dallas Cowboys vs. LA Rams - Saturday, 12th August NFL Preseason Week 1

The NFL Preseason Betting Anniversary of Dak Prescott

August 11th, 2017 NFL Football

When the Dallas Cowboys play their second NFL preseason betting game against the LA Rams it will mark 364 days since starting quarterback Dak Prescott made his debut.

  • Date: Saturday, 12th August
  • Time: 9:00 PM
  • Venue: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
  • Online betting NFL preseason odds:

Cowboys -3 (-115) 37½ (-109)

Rams +3 (-105) 37½ (-111)

A year in the life of Rayne Dakota “Dak” Prescott

When Kellen Moore broke the fibula on his right leg on August 2th – and Tony Romo had unknowingly played his last full game – little did Dak Prescott (or anyone else for that matter) know that that year’s preseason opener against the Rams would be the start of a journey that would see start all 16 games, him break numerous records, lead the Cowboys back to the playoffs with a 13-3 record, win the NFL Rookie of the Year Award, and effectively retire Romo. This Saturday, Prescott and the rest of Dallas’ first team offense are expected to start against the same team and in the same stadium where his career began. “I think it (that game) was important,” Prescott reflected following Tuesday’s practice in Oxnard. “It was the first game experience they got to see me play with the offense. I had plenty of scrimmages and live reps, but the first game experience with the crowd, a huge crowd out there in the Coliseum, it was a pretty good performance and I think it gave them confidence in believing in me and pushing further.”

The Battle of Los Angeles

When it comes to NFL preseason betting, the Rams are great at boxing. The team’s joint practice with the newly relocated Los Angeles Chargers on Wednesday quickly devolved into fisticuffs when Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson and Chargers wide receiver Dontrelle Inman came to blows – which was in turned followed by a free-for-all.


“If you guys go back and watch the play, you’ll see I jammed [Inman] at the line of scrimmage,” Johnson said. “He had his hand in my facemask for more than 3, 4 yards. I let it go, trying to play it off, and at the end, he got in my face and I’m not going to let nobody disrespect me.” Maybe he wanted a souvenir. Inman simply noted that landing “a punch on my helmet” is “stupid.” True that. Now if only the Rams were able to channel that intensity on Saturday against the Cowboys, then fans could hold out hope that the team can improve on 2016’s 4-12 record and return to the postseason. And you better believe Angelenos are torn; should they support the franchise that came back with its tail between its legs after 12 years in St. Louis, or should they root for San Diego’s rejects? Tough call any way you slice it. Maybe next year the two teams can merge and become the San Angeles Rangers and Jared Goff can be the Dak Prescott to Phillip Rivers’s Tony Romo, but on Saturday the Rams will be the proverbial David against the Cowboys’ Goliath – and those statuses shan’t be limited to NFL preseason betting.

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