NFL Playoffs Lines Movement

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL playoffs lines are published in newspapers and websites all over the world.

These NFL playoffs lines oftentimes open at one number and close at another number.  It is these NFL playoffs lines moves we want to talk about today.

NFL playoffs lines will give you some games you like and some you don’t.  The same thing happens with professional gamblers.  There are games that they like and want to bet which is what causes the NFL playoffs lines to move one way or another.  Sometimes a good way to look at NFL playoffs lines is from an opening-closing perspective.  Opening NFL playoffs lines are released and these lines are bet a little bit by some professional players to get the NFL playoffs odds to where you will see them stay for most of the week.  The majority of the NFL playoffs lines moves you see on NFL games take place in four major spots.  You will see line moves just after the games are released, throughout the day on Monday when all sportsbooks put up their NFL playoffs lines for the week, late Saturday night, and on game days.

The NFL playoffs lines move for various reasons but the three main reasons are injuries, professional bettors, and the public.  Injuries can move the NFL playoffs lines at anytime since information on an injury can occur throughout the week.  Professional bettors usually play their games just after the NFL playoffs odds are released or on game day.  The public almost always bets on the day of the game.

Online sportsbooks will try and keep up with the NFL line movement by moving the NFL playoffs odds accordingly.  In other sports you will probably not see much reaction to a public betting move but the NFL is the exception.  The public has real power when moving the line in the NFL and the NFL playoffs odds will move based on public action.  That doesn’t happen much in other sports.

You should be aware that just because the NFL odds move does not mean that the game will be a winner.  Line moves don’t mean anything in terms of wins or losses.  Line moves are interesting to watch but you always have to remember that they don’t guarantee you anything.

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