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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds are great to bet all year long. As you look to bet playoff football betting odds you will want to remember a few things.

Football odds in the playoffs will oftentimes have lower numbers than in the regular season. You will notice that in the history of professional football the defensive teams usually do well in playoff football odds. Many teams have been catapulted into the playoffs with explosive offenses only to be shattered on the rocks of a tough defensive team in playoff football betting odds. Defense is the first place to start as you handicap NFL playoff football odds.

There are many great examples of teams that built up stellar regular season records year after year only to blow up versus playoff football odds. The San Diego Chargers of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s had great offenses yet their defenses continually let them down. The Indianapolis Colts had the same problem until suddenly their defense stepped up and was the main reason they won a Super Bowl.

The running game is another important factor to take into account with playoff pro football odds. Think of the explosive Miami Dolphins of the Dan Marino era and how they did nothing in playoff football odds because they couldn’t run the ball. Since many playoff games are played in bad weather, finesse teams or teams that cannot run the ball are at a severe disadvantage and that must be taken into account when you handicap playoff football odds.

While home field is highly touted as an “advantage” that is not always the case in playoff football odds, as evidenced by recent seasons. In 2004 the New England Patriots beat the top seeded Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC championship at Pittsburgh in football odds. Those same Steelers, in 2005, won and covered three consecutive road games in football betting odds en route to a Super Bowl title. The 2007 New York Giants won a record amount of games on the road and won each of their playoff games on the road including the Super Bowl as they upset the New England Patriots in football odds.

As you look at football betting odds in the playoffs remember that running games are important, defense wins games and home field is overrated.

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