NFL Playoffs Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL playoffs betting takes a more dramatic turn as more and more gamblers get involved in wagering.

This new level during the football playoffs comes with more intensive handicapping and focused action from gamblers around the world. There are some crucial factors for gamblers to consider when preparing for NFL playoffs betting.

In NFL playoffs betting sometimes the most popular teams don’t do well. What that means is that the newest darlings of the media or fans don’t always hold up very well in the football playoffs. New and emerging playoff teams will cause a lot of excitement precisely because they are a new face, but the fact that they have little if any playoff experience is ultimately a negative factor and one in which you must keep in mind with your own NFL playoffs betting.

In NFL playoffs betting the proven teams with playoff experience are a logical and solid place for a bettor to start. The experience factor importance does not mean that the NFL playoffs betting gambler will end up taking the veteran playoff team every time but it does mean he ought to look for good reasons not to take them. It is kind of like the underdog theory for the regular season. You start with the dog in the regular season and look for reasons not to bet them. In NFL playoffs betting you start with the experienced team and look for reasons not to play them. There may be no more important handicapping factor in NFL playoffs betting than experience. In most cases, teams that get the ultimate prize had been there before and have kept improving themselves every year. Gamblers often make the mistake of discounting football playoffs experience and that is one mistake you must not make in NFL playoffs betting.

Home field is important in the football playoffs but it is never worth an overlay nor is it a guarantee of success. Some teams can win on the road during the playoffs. Parity still rules in the NFL and road teams can win. Sometimes you can get decent value on road underdogs in NFL playoffs betting at sportsbooks.

NFL playoffs betting can be an even greater challenge than the regular season for gamblers but it can also be more exciting.

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