NFL Online Betting Parlays & Teasers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Teasers are not quite as popular as parlays in NFL betting but they do get some attention during the NFL online betting season.

NFL online betting parlays and teasers offer gamblers the opportunity for large rewards and big odds payoffs for just a little bit of stake money. For big time NFL betting gamblers it is the chance to make a killing while small time gamblers can get themselves into the game with the chance of hitting a large payout that can give them a good NFL online betting bankroll.

NFL betting parlays are when a gambler groups together a number of picks ranging from two to ten games into one bet in which all of the picks must win for the parlay wager to payoff. For example, on a five team NFL betting parlay if a gambler won four of the five games, he would still lose because of the one pick that failed to win in NFL online betting. Most NFL online betting parlay odds are as follows, 2-teams=2.6/1 odds, 3-teams=6/1 odds, 4-teams=12/1 odds, 5-teams=24/1 odds, 6-teams=47/1 odds, 7-teams=91/1 odds, 8-teams=175/1 odds, 9-teams=335/1 odds, 10-teams=642/1 odds. With payoff NFL online betting odds such as that, the appeal of an NFL betting parlay is pretty much self explanatory

Teaser NFL online betting is similar to parlay action except that the gambler has enhanced side and total lines ranging from the most common, (referred to as Las Vegas Style), which is 6-points, to what are known as “special teasers” which can range from 6.5 to 12 points. For example, if you had a four team NFL online betting parlay on New England -10, Dallas -6, Washington +4, and Oakland +3 the 7 point teaser NFL online betting lines would read New England -3, Dallas +1, Washington +11, and Oakland +10. The trade off for those enhanced NFL online betting odds is that the payoff structure for teasers is smaller than it would be for parlays. NFL online betting teaser payoff scale is as follows for the 6-point teaser; 3-teams=2/1 odds, 4-teams=3/1 odds, 5-teams=4/1 odds, 6-teams=5/1 odds, 7-teams=6/1 odds, 8-teams=7/1 odds.

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