NFL Online Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL online betting odds are impacted by public. Popular teams are almost always overvalued in NFL betting because of their public appeal.

NFL online betting odds are supposed to indicate which team is better than the other one. To the sharp NFL betting handicapper, the NFL online betting lines are like a language or code that, if successfully broken and understood, can lead a gambler to value and profits. The key is to learn what went into the NFL online betting line that you are reading, and whether that final number that you see is based on mass public perception or reality.

NFL online betting odds start by looking at the home field advantage which is thought to be worth three points in general. But even there, the value or the “tax” on a home field advantage in NFL online betting can vary. The Kansas City Chiefs, for example, are often favored by an extra point or two in NFL online betting when playing at home because of the reputation of their venue, Arrowhead Stadium, as one of the toughest in all of sports. Since the NFL online betting oddsmakers know that the public holds the Chiefs at Arrowhead in high regard and is inclined to wager that way, they charge extra for the Chiefs at Arrowhead in order to make the public at least consider, if not take, their visiting opponents. The same type of home field advantage in NFL online betting exists in other venues like Denver, Green Bay, Chicago and New England.

Another huge factor that makes the NFL betting lines fluctuate is injuries, particularly to a key starter such as a quarterback. There is no position in all of NFL online betting that is more scrutinized than the NFL quarterback. If a key NFL quarterback gets hurt the NFL online betting odds can move a great deal. Sometimes the overreaction that occurs makes the team with the injured quarterback worth taking in NFL betting. The NFL is the most popular sport in the world and the NFL online betting odds are the most followed of all sporting odds.

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