NFL Odds Week 1 of Regular Season Underway

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds Week 1 begins September 4th with an array of exciting season opening games and plenty of football betting action.

On Thursday, the New York Giants face the Washington Redskins for the first official match of the NFL odds Week 1 regular season. This game looks promising for the Giants as the NFL Week 1 odds show them as the favorite at -3½.

NFL odds Week 1 continues on Sunday with a multitude of different matches. Some of the games to keep an eye on include Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots. NFL Week 1 odds have the Pats as the overwhelming favorite at -16½. Tom Brady, having sat out much of the preseason, is letting his foot heal, with the possibility that it may be a stress fracture. If he’s back in time for the season opener, the Chiefs will have a very hard time getting through the Pats during NFL odds Week 1.

The Carolina Panthers will visit the San Diego Chargers to open up the NFL odds Week 1 of the regular season. The Panthers vamped up their offensive line for this season, and also brought back Jake Delhomme. Despite the Chargers’ hardened team, the Panthers still have a chance here. NFL Week 1 odds show San Diego is the favorite at -9. The Chargers have been plagued with a couple of foot injuries and a sprained knee. Stephen Cooper also has to sit out NFL odds Week 1 for violating substance abuse policy. The Chargers are probably going to see a slow start to NFL odds Week 1 of the regular season.

The final NFL odds Week 1 opening game of the day will put the Indianapolis Colts against the Chicago Bears to bring about the beginning to NFL odds Week 1. With two quarterbacks out, one of them being Peyton Manning, the Colts can still fall back on Quinn Gray and Jared Lorenzen to pick up some of the slack. However, seeing the team’s preseason finale performance against the Bengals leaves some more to be wanted for this upcoming NFL odds Week 1. Bears got away clean this preseason with every team member in playing condition. Though they beat out the Browns (who are beginning the NFL odds Week 1 with no wins from the preseason) 16-10 to end the preseason, NFL Week 1 odds still show Colts are still the favorites at -9.

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