NFL Odds Week 1: Are Chiefs Really Easy Prey for Pats

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds Week 1 kicks off with a number of interesting games, one of the most interesting, perhaps, being Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots.

NFL Week 1 odds show that the Patriots are the favorites for this NFL odds Week 1 season opening match, at -16½.

It seems as if many people betting on the Patriots during NFL odds Week 1 are expecting similar performance to last season, where they went nearly undefeated (until the Giants smeared their hopes to go 19-0 at the Super Bowl). However, NFL odds Week 1 enthusiasts can tell their performance during the preseason doesn’t show signs of another perfect season.

NFL odds Week 1 fans are still placing their bets on the Patriots. Keep in mind, the preseason is exactly that: the preseason. Last preseason, the Pats went 2-2, and they went on to dominate the league. This preseason, they’re 0 and 4. Their NFL odds Week 1 may not be as good as last, but they still have a chance to dominate the season again. NFL Week 1 odds aficionados should note that their team is made up mostly of the same players that helped bring the Patriots to glory last season.

With Tom Brady possibly missing NFL odds Week 1 due to a foot injury, the Patriots may have to rely on their other, less experienced quarterbacks. This is something NFL Week 1 odds enthusiasts should bear in mind. Their offensive line boasts much experience, so if they can get it together and work well with quarterback Matt Cassell, they can pull off a good start to NFL odds Week 1.

The Kansas City Chiefs have seen a better preseason than the Patriots, going 2 and 2. Having beaten the St. Louis Rams 21-17 for the preseason finale, the Chiefs seem to be performing at a slightly higher level than expected, and show some promise for NFL odds Week 1. Keeping their plays under the radar to avoid detection by the Patriots, the Chiefs are trying to start off their NFL odds Week 1 more intelligently.

The way it looks, NFL Week 1 odds have been more impacted by last season’s performance than by this preseason’s performance. To a degree, this is understandable. However, those placing wagers for NFL odds Week 1 have to look past the team’s reputation and start looking at their performance.

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