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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds are extremely popular on parlays. They are popular both for sportsbooks and for gamblers.

Sportsbooks like parlay football odds because they have a high hold percentage while gamblers like them because of the big payoffs. NFL odds give you a lot of chances to bet parlays. While it is true that many gamblers lose money betting parlays, some gamblers do win.

The football odds parlay is often considered one of the ultimate “sucker bets” or a “come on” by the sportsbooks as it appeals to a gambler’s “Power Ball” mentality of laying out just a little bit of cash for a big payoff at the end. Sure, the overwhelming majority of parlays against the NFL odds do lose, but the good news is that a sharp gambler can turn a parlay into his advantage by simply learning how to play parlays correctly.

The best way to participate in parlays versus football odds is to choose from the biggest pool of games possible. This means that ideally, a gambler will combine college and NFL odds together, along with sides and totals. By combining more games, a gambler increases his chances of finding weak NFL odds and better football betting values, whereas if a gambler only considers a hand full of games for his parlay, he is cutting down on the potential value that is out there for the taking.

For example, one of the worst parlay bets that a gambler can make is the traditionally popular “two-team” NFL odds parlay on the prime time NFL televised games on Sunday or Monday night. These high profile games rarely, if ever, have weak NFL odds on either the side or total, of which a gambler has four choices (one of the two teams and either the over or under). There is not a lot to choose from there in NFL odds.

Now let’s look at a better option. If you combine the 45 or so college games with 15 NFL odds you have a pool of 60 games, which means 120 sides and 120 totals to choose from for a total of 240 options. Now think about it, are you going to find superior football odds value for a parlay with 240 choices or just four from a marquee game that the NFL odds makers have paid special attention to? Parlays are more successful if you have a multitude of college and NFL odds to choose from.

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