NFL Football Betting Online Matchups

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online is the most popular on NFL games.

There is no question that more people analyze NFL football betting matchups than any other type of matchup.  Let’s take a look at NFL football betting online matchups and some things to consider.

Football betting online matchups can be studied by gamblers around the world, particularly NFL football betting matchups.  Looking at football betting online matchups begins with home field advantage. Home teams such as the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots will be highly popular and in demand with the football betting public, which will be reflected in higher prices on the football betting online board. Other teams such as the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs will also carry extra points as home favorites in football betting online due to their reputations for playing in tough and hostile environments. Other teams, however, such as the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers may not carry a three point edge with the football betting online oddsmakers as hosts because they lack “street credibility” with the football betting public.  Home field advantage is definitely something that is sometimes misunderstood when people look at matchups.

As you look at football betting online matchups what other things should you consider? You might want to look at angles like revenge, a rivalry, etc.
Division rivalry games such as Green Bay/Minnesota, Green Bay/Chicago, Oakland/Kansas City, Dallas/Washington, Dallas/Philadelphia, Pittsburgh/Cincinnati, etc. can all have intangible factors that go right into the football betting online odds that you see.  As you look at football betting online matchups, which teams have the star players on their roster that carry credibility with the football betting public? Those teams may have forfeited an extra point or two on the NFL football betting online pointspreads as a result.

Matchups that you see in the paper or at online sites give you a lot of statistics and trends to consider but they are not the end all.  Keep that in mind.  You must take into account many different factors when looking at matchups including intangibles and line value. 

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