NFL Monday Night Football

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL Monday Night Football is oftentimes the most important game of the week for gamblers around the world.

The reason the game is so important is twofold. First, the game is on National TV on ESPN and second, it is the last chance to bail out of the week.

NFL Monday Night Football has been going on since 1970. People have been making NFL Monday Night Football picks for years, looking for that big bailout win. NFL Monday Night Football has really grown into a phenomenon and the biggest reason for that is betting. When people bet football games they want to be able to see the game on television and ABC and ESPN have been televising NFL Monday Night Football since 1970.

It used to be that those that wanted to bet NFL Monday Night Football would take the home underdog in NFL Monday Night Football picks. This was a tried and true system that worked for many years. This trend is not nearly as profitable today. With everything, the oddsmakers eventually catch on to what is working. It may take them awhile, but eventually they start to figure it out. Usually you will see the public when they make NFL Monday Night Football picks take the favorite and the over. That applies even more to NFL Monday Night Football. When they make NFL Monday Night Football picks they love betting the better team and they love taking the game over the total. They also love the home team. So, if you get a favorite at home, you know who the public will bet. You also don’t want to forget about the total in NFL Monday Night Football. Far too many gamblers ignore the total when looking at NFL Monday Night Football lines. Don’t make that mistake.

How do we go about dealing with NFL Monday Night Football wagers? The biggest problem we face is the “I have to play” mentality of NFL Monday Night Football. Everyone wants to have action on the big game, and that very often forces us to play a game we might normally not play. If you are going to bet football games, you want them to fall into your normal handicapping routine and not be a forced play. Be careful about that as you look to make NFL Monday Night Football picks.

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