Monday Night Football Betting Pointers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Monday Night Football betting is the most popular and most widely watched football event of the week, every week.

Why is that? It’s definitely not because of the insightful commentary, and believe it or not, it’s not so much because of the action, either. For many Monday Night Football betting enthusiasts, after a losing weekend, Monday night is the last chance they have to double down and make back everything they lost. A responsible bettor doesn’t fall into this trap, but there are few out there.

Monday Night Football betting shouldn’t be considered as a last ditch effort to try and make back what you lost, but a final opportunity to make just a little bit more before the week ends. The trick is to engage in Monday Night Football betting responsibly and do your research. Monday Night Football odds are made available to help the bettor gauge which teams are popular among other bettors.

The idea when participating in Monday Night Football betting, however, is not to rely entirely on the Monday Night Football odds. The bettor has take into account other factors like injuries, strong/weak offensive lines, strong/weak defense, recent trades and drafts, possible home advantage, and plenty more. Do this for both teams and once you gather the facts, compare them. This should help to make a gambler’s Monday Night Football betting experience a little more successful and enjoyable at the same time.

This Monday, September 8th marks the beginning of the 39th consecutive year of Monday Night Football betting since its conception in 1970. Originally televised on the ABC network for 36 years, in 2006 Monday Night Football betting made the switch to the ESPN network, where it has remained since. The two games and Monday Night Football odds for this first Monday are Vikings at Packers, with Packers as home favorite at -3, and for the late game, Broncos at Raiders with the Broncs as the road favorite at -3 also. Both Monday Night Football betting games will be televised on ESPN, Vikes-Packers at 7 PM and Raiders-Broncs at 10:15 PM, Eastern Time.

If you’ve had the time and resources to read this Monday Night Football betting article, then that means you’ve also had the time and resources to do your research on these four teams. If you do plan on engaging in Monday Night Football betting this week, pay attention to the Monday Night Football odds, but don’t forget to learn as much about the teams as you possibly can.

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