NFL Gambling: How future bets influence side bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL gambling fans that place future bets often place them on the football online gambling match ups during the regular season and the playoffs.

NFL gambling can involve a range of wagers that do not necessarily combine well with one another. For example, at the beginning of a season many NFL gambling enthusiasts place future bets on football online gambling odds regarding which team will win the Super Bowl, how many games a certain team will win, and other similar scenarios. However, these same NFL gambling fans invariably find themselves wagering on these same teams in NFL gambling match ups throughout the year. Consequently, the question naturally arises of how previously placed future bets should influence wagering on subsequent NFL gambling odds.

In other words, a bettor who has wagered on the Cowboys to win the NFC East will later wager on the Cowboys to win their regular season games against other NFC foes. This type of NFL gambling strategy does make some sense, as it involves a consistent approach toward the NFL gambling landscape. However, the problem with this approach to the football online gambling odds is that it does not recognize the unpredictability of the NFL. Making future wagers before a season has begun is quite challenging, which is why the payoff odds are generally very high.

Consequently, there is no reason to allow wagers made in the preseason to affect regular season wagers that can be placed with greater knowledge about the two teams involved in the football online gambling match up. While wagering on the Cowboys to win the NFC East may have seemed intelligent before the season began, if Dallas seems to offer little value in a certain NFL gambling match up then there is no reason to accept that poor wager in the interest of consistency. One is rather much better off always wagering where the value lies, even though this may change from week to week.

Although less common than the previous phenomenon, some NFL gambling fans actually avoid placing many wagers on the teams they have supported in the futures. These NFL gambling fans choose this approach as a sort of season long hedge against the futures. In other words, the gambler feels as though either the future bet will win or the regular season side bets will win. However, the math usually does not work out with this NFL gambling strategy.

Hedging on future bets does sometimes make sense, but only once the future bet is very close to winning. For example, if a gambler has placed a future wager on the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl and then they reach the Super Bowl, then it may make sense to wager on the money line against them in the Super Bowl. In other instances, however, one should simply focus on placing wagers where the value lies instead of allowing future bets to influence subsequent side bets.

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