NFL Football Wagering Points

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering success involves looking at several factors.

These factors apply to both college and pro football wagering. Let’s take a look at some things to keep in mind when wagering against college and pro football lines.

Football wagering success is definitely easier if you get the best line. So, the first step when you get involved in college and pro football wagering is to shop for the best line. There is no excuse for a gambler in this day and age to fail to obtain value with the wide variety of football wagering lines available.

Next, a handicapper should set his own football wagering lines before the actual lines are posted. A good handicapper should be able to make the football wagering line at what it should be and also what he anticipates it should be. What a football wagering line should be is based purely on the merits of the teams involved while what the football wagering line will likely be is based on public perception and how the masses react to the matchup and football wagering line. A gambler can then compare his “merit” football wagering line to the actual pro football wagering lines put out by the sportsbook and when there is a vast discrepancy, he has a potential play that he can investigate further.

Next a gambler should try and pick up what the “buzz” is on the “street” by visiting posting boards or chat rooms. It is not that anyone is going to pick up any wisdom at these chat boards but, rather, they will actually learn what not to think and likely pick up on potential football wagering traps as when the public is all leaning one way, it’s a problem that a smart gambler doesn’t want to get involved in.

Finally, when preparing for pro football wagering action a handicapper must think for himself and not be afraid to stand apart from the crowd. If you think like the masses you will lose like the masses because in the long run the public does not win in football wagering.

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