NFL Football Wagering Money Management

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football wagering money management is the most difficult part of football betting for many gamblers.

Money management is actually more important to a gamblers success than knowing the third string tackle of a team and other trivial pursuits that so many bettors mistakenly think are important.

NFL football wagering money management should begin before the first bet is made. Gambling on the fly or by the seat of your pants is a great way to lose your bankroll in a single weekend. A smart gambler will divide his bankroll up by the week, and then by the day, and then split it into two or three more levels for each day’s action, to protect himself from himself in essence. For example, in NFL football wagering a gambler might split his bankroll into sessions. That could mean early NFL games, late NFL games and the Monday Night Football game. This is particularly useful if a NFL football wagering gambler has a slow start as it prevents him from “chasing” his losses against the football betting odds.

Another money management mistake that too many gamblers make is that they get too happy and excited if they are winning early and become emotional rather than cold and rational, and begin thinking that “this is my day.” They then take their winnings and roll them over and double or triple their later wagers against the NFL football wagering odds on that day. Normally, the law of averages catches up to such gamblers and instead of making money or breaking even, they often lose money, even if they picked more winners than losers against the NFL football wagering odds.

There is a long list of NFL football wagering gamblers who have picked more winners than losers on a day and yet lost money because they had no money management skills or discipline in NFL football wagering. Beating the football betting odds is as great a gambling challenge as you will ever undertake and you simply add to the house edge when you don’t protect your NFL football wagering bankroll.

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