NFL Football Wagering Methods

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering on the NFL is extremely popular. More money is wagered in pro football wagering than any other sport.

With so many people involved in pro football wagering there are a number of methods that they use each season. While many people have different methods, a lot of time they come to the same conclusions and that is why the public is such a huge factor when it comes to football wagering.

Football wagering for most gamblers involves taking the power. Favorites are more popular in the NFL than in any other sport. People just don’t like to take underdogs in pro football wagering, even though that may be the most profitable way to go. You will have some handicappers that have a method of looking at statistics and matchups while another one may be looking at past history and trends. They may both come up with the same conclusions in football wagering. When that happens, and it does happen a lot, the public seems to go with them as well, especially if the team is a favorite in football wagering.

If you want a different pro football wagering method to use at sportsbooks then start to think like the oddsmaker rather than the public. When a gambler thinks like the rest of the public he is allowing himself to fall into the trap of doing the same things everyone else does in football wagering. Statistics and matchups can work but they can’t be the only method of handicapping in football wagering. Sometimes you need to do something different on your own in football wagering.

Many people believe that the goal of a football wagering oddsmaker is to create equal action on both sides of a game. That is not always the case as the odds are set based upon what the oddsmaker things the public will bet, not what the line should actually be. Some bettors will look at the real numbers and use this as their method of playing games in football wagering. They make their own line and compare it with the odds and then make their wagers.

If you want to consider NFL football wagering methods then take a look at making your own number, avoid overreacting to the previous week’s games, don’t overreact to injuries, and think on your own.

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