NFL Football – Texans vs Jets

November 27th, 2019 NFL Football

Since we have moved on in the 2015-16 NFL Regular Season and now into Week 11, we have the 5-4 Jets of New York (AFC-East) playing at the 4-5 Houston Texans (AFC-South) with the game being played at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas with kick-off scheduled for 1:05 PM ET and seen on CBS Sports TV.

For the fans that Bet on NFL football at a sportsbook, and are fans of the Texans of Houston you have to be proud of your team’s performance this past Monday night has the beat the Bengals of Cincinnati 10-6 and that win was at the Bengals home stadium. Now the Jets and the Texans come together for a very pivotal game in this Week 11, as both teams need a victory to stay alive in the playoffs scenario. Yes, fans are wondering who will win this AFC match-up!

The fans of the 5-4 AFC-East Jets of New York realize now that their team had a poor performance in front of their previous coach and present Coach of the Bills R. Ryan, last Sunday in their 22-17 loss to Buffalo. New York could not step up their passing game as their QB R. Fitzpatrick was able to only complete some 15 of his 34 passing attempts for a total of 192 yards, yielding 2 TD’s while being intercepted on 2 occasions.

Thus it’s very likely that QB Fitzpatrick will struggle in this next game as the Texans defense in that game with the Bengals limited QB A. Dalton to just 196 yards passing and intercepted him once in the game. The Houston defense has only allowed opponents to date some 222 passing yards, which ranks 5th in the NFL. Hopefully in this game with the Texans the Jets WR duo of E. Decker and B. Marshall will step up their game. A good performance was seen from Decker in the Bills game has he had 6 receptions for some 86 yards and 1 TD. But Marshall who only had receptions for 23 yards, did receive a scoring TD pass, and they need a stronger performance like he had in the previous games in Week 2 thru Week 5 when he had 4 consecutive games with 100 yards in receptions.

They had 1 star on Monday night against the Bengals in RB C. Ivory who carried the ball for 18 times for 100 yards and helped the Jets offense stay in the game. In this game with the Texans the Jets are seeking a big game from RB Ivory whose defense in previous games have allowed opponents some 118 yards rushing each game in 2015. Thus, for the Jets to beat the Texans they need a great performance from RB Ivory.

Defensively the Jets have the potential of limiting the Texans air offense with their duo of cornerbacks in D. Revis and A. Cromartie who will easily defend against the receivers of the Texans. Either one are likely to have a QB interception in this Sunday game with the Texans. In the ultimate 3 games on the road the Jets are 2-1 against the spread.

The fans of the 4-5 Texans of Houston have to excited about their back-up QB T. Yates who led a drive for 9 plays making 80 yards that included the game winning TD pass of 23 yards to D. Hopkins as they won the game 10-6 and removing the Bengals from the undefeated category.

Apparently the Texas is proud to have a back-up QB like Yates who came in the game in the 3rd quarter and completed 5 of his 11 pass attempts for 70 yards and the game winning TD. If the Texans are to win this game they will need their offense for the rush to improve as in that win over the Bengals they carried the ball some 25 times for a mere 81 yards. Yes your offense is struggling thus the defense has to have another good game to get another win in this game with the Jets. To date their defense has had 9 consecutive quarters without allowing opponents a TD.

Defensively their DE J. Watt had a great game against the Bengals and should be problematic for the Jets QB Fitzpatrick as Watt is 2nd in the NFL with 9.5 sacks to date in 2015. On the other side Watt faces a strong Jets offensive line that this season has only allowed some 10 sacks to date, and that’s the least in the NFL.

So the Texans will depend on DE Watt and the defensive front 7, as they had 3 sacks in the game against the Bengals and their QB Dalton, and he has a strong offensive line.

It’s predicted in this game that the Jets who employ more offensive weapons will create a victory in a much contested game over the Texans of Houston.

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