NFL Football – Seahawks at Bengals

October 7, 2015 NFL Football

Seahawks DefenseWith the 5th Week of the 2015-16 NFL Season upon us we will review a game that should be very interesting and exciting between the Seahawks of Seattle 2-2 (NFC West) playing at the Bengals of Cincinnati 4-0 (AFC North) with the game played on Sunday the 11th of October 2015 at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio with kick-off scheduled for 1:05 PM ET and seen on Fox TV.

If you Bet on NFL football at a sportsbook offshore or online, the opening odds for this game has the Bengals favored at -3 EV with the Over/under at 44 and -150 on the Money Line, while the underdog Seahawks are +3 -120 and +130 on the Money Line.

The Seahawks on their Monday Night game were lucky with the win over the Lions of Detroit in a very controversial ending to the game. They better hope their luck continues as the travel to Ohio to play the undefeated Bengals of Cincinnati, with QB A. Dalton who appears to be a MVP candidate for the NFL in their 1st 4 games of the season.

If you happen to be a fan of the Seahawks of Seattle, your team had a lucky win on Monday night as their K. Chancellor recovered a fumble and accompanied by a blown call by the referees, the Seahawks were victorious 13-10 at home.

The game came to that point as their offense was very ineffective, as their line has all season, and their QB R. Wilson was sacked 6 times in the game. However, QB Wilson still managed to complete 20 of his 26 pass attempts for 288 yards and 1 TD. The Lions defense kept him under pressure for the entire game, and he rushed for 40 yards in the game.

The Seahawks running game without RB M. Lynch other than QB Wilson scrambling, as RB Rawls only managed 2.7 yards per carry on average for the game. Certainly Seattle is hoping RB Lynch will return for this game, as the Bengals run defense has only allowed their opponents some 85.4 rushing yards per game for the season to date. If Lynch is unable to start, then running game will suffer.

On defense the Seattle team is as strong as in the past, and since Chancellor returned, in their last 2 games they have only allowed 10 points to be scored against them, and a total of 401 yards of offense.

On the other hand the Bengals has performed very well to date, which is led by QB A. Dalton, which certainly gets the attention of the Seattle team. If the Seattle defense can stop the running game of the Bengals, the QB Dalton will be forced to the passing game, and the Seahawks secondary is a strong segment of their defense, then the Seahawks have a good chance of winning this game.

For the fans of the Bengals of Cincinnati your team is 1 of only 6 of the 32 NFL teams that are still undefeated, and they looked very good in their victory last Sunday over the Chiefs of KC 36-21. Bengals QB Dalton comes into this game having completed 71% of his 321 passing yards and is 2nd to Green Bay’s QB Rodgers with a rating for passing of 124.0 and slightly behind Steelers’ QB Roethlisberger in passing yards gained each attempt at 10.24, and QB Dalton to date has passed for 9 TD’s and had 1 intercept.

The big question in this game is whether or not the Bengals and QB Daltons play can sustain when facing the top Seattle defense, even as they play on their home field. At home in the last 20 games the Bengals have won 16 lost 3 and tied 1 game. What makes this Bengal team is QB Dalton and good running game, with a star WR A. Green, and the steady protection by his offensive line that provides with a pocket for passing with protection, as QB Dalton has only been sacked 2 times this season. Their offensive line proved their worth as they held up against the notorious tough Chiefs rushing defense.

For the Bengals to beat the Seahawks in this game, they will need their front 7 whom 7 times sacked Chiefs QB Smith and kept the Chiefs from scoring a TD to continue their top performance. Thus the Bengals defense believes they can create problems for Seattle QB Wilson with a continued wave of pressure place on the QB.

The prediction for this game is that the Bengals defense will overpower the Seahawks offense as they beat Seattle 27-13 in this Sunday game.

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