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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football online betting is a lot more successful if you do it for more than just “action.”

Why do you want to wager on pro football games in football online betting? Do you demand football betting action on the TV games or are you in it because you actually want to try and make some money at it?

Football online betting can be successful if you are realistic.  If you believe you are going to get rich in a few weeks you may be in trouble. Far too many gamblers believe they can retire with football online betting. NFL football betting is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a grind, and arguably the most challenging of all forms of gambling.

A realistic outlook for your football online betting is that a great year will be if you hit at around fifty-six-percent winners. A fantastic season would be 58-60 percent. A realistic mindset for a gambler means that he will accept the fact that “bad beats” and tough days are part of football online betting and that losses will occur.  Hitting 70% or more in football online betting is just not going to happen.

A realistic outlook for a season of NFL football betting means that you cannot be spreading yourself too thin with a “laundry list” of action that includes wild and different varieties of wagers, parlays, and disproportionate amounts bet on different games. Realism in football online betting means that you will protect your bankroll from needless risk and that you will not just wager on anything.

Being realistic about NFL football betting means that you realize just how difficult it is to find board value each week.  It means you understand that there are no “locks” or sure things in football online betting. It ultimately means that you will treat football online betting as a professional rather than as a “player.”  Action is great, exciting and fun, but it is not always profitable as you bet football.  If you want to win money at football online betting you must show discipline and be realistic.

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