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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds knowledge is not hard to find in college football but it sometimes is difficult to determine which numbers are relevant and which ones are not.

When you are wagering against college and NFL football odds, sometimes doing all the hard work and spending countless hours working to uncover knowledge is not that valuable.

Football odds can be analyzed any number of ways. Some handicappers believe that if they research and uncover every trend, read every college football article from every newspaper on the Internet, and listen to every quote and angle that they will find an edge versus the football odds. Things get worse after another weekend of losing. People end up burning themselves out and end up wasting even more time versus the football odds. They end up throwing away any ability to truly think as they get information overload.

Many gamblers learn that working hard on research is a waste of time and effort. Winners prepare well and realize that whatever hard work they do the football odds maker has already done and the college and NFL football odds are adjusted accordingly. Football odds makers are well aware of everything you already know. That is why sports betting knowledge is not as valuable as you might think. The football odds makers know all about home field advantage, betting trends, line value etc. That is what football odds makers do for a living. The mentality of the general gambling public creates overlays that they know people will still bet. They compensate for consumer demand with even higher college and NFL football odds. If you find out about a key injury it is likely that the football odds maker already knows about it. That is the thing about knowledge in football odds. Everyone else probably already knows what you know. If you see two teams with great offenses and weak defenses meeting in a game you can be sure that the football odds maker has adjusted the total on the game accordingly. If you want to win betting college and NFL football odds you can’t just think that knowledge is going to do the job.

What works with college football betting if it is not knowledge? The trick to winning at college football betting is to think like an oddsmaker. Learn to think like them and you will have more success.

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