NFL Football lines – Packers vs Seattle

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football lines makers have been working over time the past few days trying to set the perfect lines for this weekend’s second round of the playoffs.

Football lines are generally wide this weekend with the closest NFL football lines spread set at 7 ½ points. In the NFC showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers the NFL football lines are slightly wider with an average of 8 points in favor of the Packers separating the two teams.

NFL football lines makers have their hands full trying to handicap the four contests this weekend but they seem have nailed this NFL football lines contest. The dominant factor in the outcome of this NFL football lines match up is the fact that Green Bay is at home. The team is nearly unbeatable at Lambaugh field in the playoffs and this perhaps the best Green Bay team Favre has played on since he won the Super Bowl. Green Bay is a rotten place for teams to visit in January and this fact is not lost on the NFL football lines experts.

Another key variable is the fact that Favre should be well rested for the NFL football lines match up on Saturday, no small thing for aging veteran like Favre. In his most recent NFL football lines match ups in the playoffs Favre has been an interception machine. But this year he’s coming off one of his best season in years and NFL football lines makers expect him to have a big game with few turnovers.

The Seahawks are not a good team and are perhaps even lucky to have survived last week’s NFL football lines match up with the Washington Redskins who gave the game up after leading in the fourth quarter. But the team is balanced and QB Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander make a very formidable pair in the NFL football lines. The offense will have a tough time of things against Green Bay’s very young but very good defense. The team’s front seven is as good as any in NFL football lines and Seattle will have to execute flawlessly to up many points. The secondary for the Packers is also stellar in downfield coverage and Hasselbeck must be accurate with his throws in the frigid weather or risk a pile of interceptions.

NFL football lines makers expect the Packers to have an easy day, and if anything the eight point spread seems a bit thin. If you’re looking for a play against the football lines for this game pick the Packers to win and cover the NFL football lines spread as well.

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