NFL Football Gambling Pointers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling, especially as it applies to the NFL, is a constant search for value.

You want to lay fewer points than you really should and take more points than you deserve to get in pro football gambling. You want to bet under numbers larger than they should be and bet over numbers smaller than they should be. When you are able to do so, you have football gambling value.

Pro football gambling value can be found if you remember a few things. First is the team you are considering actually the better team? If so and they are getting points, stop right there, you have a potential bargain value in football gambling. If they are actually the lesser of the two teams and yet are laying points, you either want to get off the game or think about the other side in football gambling.

Which team has the better defense? The team with a better defense can stay in the game and not get blown out, good criteria for a dog in football gambling. By that same token does your team have a good quarterback and effective passing game? If so and they are the dog in football gambling, they can often slip through the “back door” for a cover, even if they lose the game straight up.

Does your team have the superior coach? Does this coach consistently have his team motivated, prepared, and ready to play? Does he make good adjustments and does he have an excellent staff of top shelf coordinators that can run a game plan? Does the opposing coach have a reputation for having teams with poor fundamentals and lack of discipline and effort? These are the questions that are pertinent to ask in pro football gambling on the coaching issue when researching potential pro football gambling candidates.

Beyond all of this, which way does the public seem to be leaning in football gambling? If they are all seemingly going one way you want to think hard about the other side in football gambling. Why? It’s likely a trap set by the pro football gambling oddsmakers, who set the lines knowing how the public is likely to react. Contrary to popular myth, sportsbooks don’t mind being overloaded with action on one side of the game, as long as it is the losing side in football gambling. Remember, there would be no sportsbooks if the masses won regularly in football gambling.

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