NFL Football Betting Trends

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting trends can make you money each season. Remember NFL betting trends change every season and rarely does something work all the time.

Football betting trends are always interesting to look at each season. There are a number of NFL betting trends that can be profitable and there are plenty of approaches to football betting as far as pointspread/side wagers. The key is to combine these angles with the concept of value, where you are getting a better price than what is merited.

NFL betting angles should be looked at from a value perspective. One angle in NFL betting that is interesting to consider is the revenge angle. There are many instances during the season where a team is playing for revenge, having lost an earlier season matchup against the team. You have to be careful about these matchups though, as you must get fair football betting line value. Sometimes revenge angles can backfire if you don’t get reasonable value in the football betting line.

Keep in mind that certain teams are tough after losses but other teams are not. Oftentimes a good team coming off a straight up loss as a favorite is a solid NFL betting angle, as they will likely be extra focused and motivated for their next go around. This football betting angle is especially successful if it involved a top notch team. A team like New England or Indianapolis fits this definition. A team like Detroit or Arizona is not nearly as strong with this football betting trend.

Another football betting trend to consider is the “score 40” letdown theory. This is a simple football betting angle that has you going against any team that scored 40 points or more in their previous game. It is hard for any team to duplicate a great outing the next week. Another football betting angle to consider is teams coming off a Monday night home win and then hitting the road. These teams can often have problems the following game with the shortened week.

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