NFL Football Betting Success

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

If you want to win money this football betting season, don’t be afraid to go against public NFL betting opinion. It might be the best choice.

Football betting success can be found if you know where to look. One gambler that had NFL betting success shared some of his secrets and it is these football betting tips we want to consider. Football betting for this expert did not begin with huge success.

This NFL betting gambler had streaks of ups and downs and really didn’t get anywhere for the first few years. He tried everything imaginable to win at football betting including the consensus services that give out selections on nearly every game. The consensus services ended up costing this expert gambler all of his money. He went broke and had to start over with his football betting. It seems that a lot of successful gamblers have gone broke at least once in their careers and had to totally start over.

This expert came back with a renewed outlook for his football betting. Instead of going with the consensus services and public opinion he did things on his own. He made football betting wagers that were not always conventional. He would bet money lines, totals, underdogs, etc. He would go against the popular things to do in football betting. And he turned his football betting around.

This expert was not afraid to lay -300 on a money line instead of laying the points. He wasn’t afraid to take “ugly dogs” in NFL betting. He didn’t ignore totals. He looked at first half and halftime betting options. He basically considered many of the things that the average gambler ignored. Instead of playing the popular favorites and the enticing parlays he looked at other options.

Sometimes doing the opposite of what seems right is the way to go. If everyone believes they have the answer, it is almost a given that they are wrong. This applies to both college football betting and NFL betting. Consensus opinion is the road to disaster in football betting.

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