NFL Football Betting Reactions

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Most football betting gamblers overreact to results. To win money when you bet football, stop and think before you go with the conventional wisdom.

Football betting is done more successfully if you are reactive in mentality and nature. When a gambler is reactive he will bet football based on last week’s results, or even last year’s, if not a series of past year’s results. The problem with reactive handicapping is that it has nothing to do with the present, and since it is done by so many, it also offers no value as the oddsmakers are aware of the reactive nature of the NFL football betting public.

Football betting success comes from reacting to the present instead of the past. There are plenty of lessons about the perils of reactive NFL football betting and how it often turns out far worse than anyone can imagine. Every season a team will start off with a couple of losses when they were expected to do well. Many times gamblers will jump off the bandwagon after the team has lost a couple of times in football betting. What oftentimes happens is that the team bounces back with a good effort or a string of good efforts and they cover the football betting pointspread. The same thing happens with a team that starts off hot in football betting. The public now believes this team is worth following and they go in the tank. It happens all the time in football betting. When everyone is ready to get on or off a team you should seriously consider doing the opposite as you bet football.

Whenever the public gets on or off a team in football betting they are going to see their value rise or fall on the football betting pointspread. If a team is hot you will almost never get value taking them as you bet football. Conversely, a team that is struggling will almost always be getting more points than they should on the line because very few people want to bet them.

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