NFL Football Betting Money Lines and Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Both over/under NFL football betting are highly popular. They are great options for you to consider this season as you bet football.

Football betting choices for gamblers include money lines and totals. Money lines are where you simply pick who you think is going to win the game straight up, with no regard at all to the pointspread as you bet football. Totals in football betting are where you bet over or under the total amount of points scored in a game.

Football betting money lines are easy to understand. For example, let’s say that you see a line that says, “Denver Broncos -7.5 New York Jets +7.5” and that you like the Broncos, but are leery about laying the 7.5 points. The money line offers you a chance to take Denver on a straight up basis, where you wouldn’t have to worry about covering the spread as you bet football. The football betting money line would be the three-digit-numbers to the right of the pointspread and in this case would likely read something like $+450/-$550. This means that the Jets would be +$450, and would return $450 in profit for ever $100 wagered as long as they won the game straight up. Denver, on the other hand, would win $100 for every $550 wagered as you bet football. Let’s say, for example, that Denver won a close call 27-24. The poor gambler that played Denver on the regular pointspread lost his money, despite the fact that Denver won the game because the 7.5-point football betting spread was not covered. But the guy that played the money line was paid, as he laid the football betting odds instead of the points.

Over/under NFL football betting, also known as “totals” is where a gambler wagers on whether or not the combined score between two teams in a matchup will go over or under a number set by the football betting oddsmakers. For example, using our Jets/Broncos example, let’s say that you saw a number “42” to the right of the football betting pointspread numbers. That would be the total. And using our 27-24 final score, which adds up to 51, this game would be considered an “over” in football betting.

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